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Kallah Teacher Certification Course

Course Details

  • Course taught by team of NISHMAT’S Yoatzot Halacha, rabbis, doctors, psychotherapists, financial planner and other professionals.
  • Take course at your own pace by listening to the recordings of Yoetzet Halacha Shoshana Samuels.
  • 18 prerecorded webinars sessions built into an exclusive, secure online classroom.
  • Purchase of the course entitles you to personalized mentoring from a Yoetzet Halacha Kallah Teacher who will respond to your course work, be available to you as you build your Kallah teaching curriculum, and support you as you launch your teaching.
  • Non-refundable tuition fee: $950. Limited number of need-based scholarships available upon request. Limited-time sale: sign up by January 15th to receive $100 off tuition!
  • Upon satisfactory completion of all course requirements, including written formative assessments and a final project, you will be certified as a Nishmat Kallah Teacher.


This 18 session course is taught primarily by Yoetzet Halacha Shoshana Samuels.

Goals & Objectives, Applicant Criteria & Requirements

  • Transmit Halachic and hashkafic information, including carefully selected excerpts from classic Torah sources which guide kallah teaching.
  • Incorporate medical and psychological information and best practices critical to a kallah’s first few years of marriage
  • Impart integral teaching strategies and invaluable women’s health and wellness resources.
  • Guide teachers in teaching different types of kallot from different communities and backgrounds.
  • Provide tips for naturally conversing about the kallah chattan relationship and שלום בית through specific touch-points in each of the classes.
  • Advise kallah teachers about common challenges that may arise in keeping טהרת המשפחה.
  • Create a dynamic relationship between Rabbis, Yoatzot Halacha, Rebbetzins, Kallah Teachers who can together provide critical support to couples in their marriages.
  • Applicants will be chosen for their innate interpersonal people skills, paired with a deep sense of יראת שמים and rigorous commitment to halacha.
  • Participation requires competence in basic halachic texts such as Tanach, Rambam, Shulchan Aruch and modern halachic compendia in English and (easy to average difficulty) Hebrew.
  • Recordings are password protected and can only be viewed by participants in the class.
  • Course meets asynchronously, on your own time. You will:
    • Share thoughts on teaching Taharat Hamishpacha with other participants by completing preparatory blog posts for each class, allowing for a robust virtual group discussion.
    • Submit formative post-class assessments built to encourage review of each session’s content and to incorporate that session’s content into your personalized kallah classes.
    • The instructor will support every student in digesting the subject matter and will provide prompt feedback for submitted work.
    • Upon completion of the course and all formative assignments, the final project will require each participant to compile all materials for the kallah classes she will teach. This includes, at minimum: a course outline, relevant handouts, sources, links and resources.
    • Upon completion of the course, Nishmat’s Miriam Glaubach Center will administer a final exit interview.
    • Nishmat’s Miriam Glaubach Center is the final arbiter of certification.
    • Nishmat’s Miriam Glaubach Center has the right to terminate a student’s participation at any point, in the event that the educational faculty determines she is not meeting the program’s requirements.

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