Prep Eight

Required Reading Progress:

In preparation for session 8, please choose one of the following options and upload your final creation here.

  1. Learn מסכת נדה פרק ח משנה ג which is pasted below and create a comic to depict the scene and conversation using Please note you can use this site without even making a user name by clicking on “Create a Storyboard” on the top right. Use the tabs on the top to choose, scenes, characters, and “textable” (for conversation bubbles). Please put the speaking parts from the משנה into conversation bubbles so those reading the comic can have an authentic learning experience in your creation! When you’re done take a screenshot and upload it here.

ומעשה באישה אחת שבאת לפני רבי עקיבה, אמרה לו, ראיתי כתם.  אמר לה, שמא מכה הייתה ביך.  אמרה לו, הין, וחיית.  או שמא יכולה היא להיגלע ולהוציא דם.  אמרה לו, הין.  וטיהרה רבי עקיבה.  ראה תלמידיו מסתכלין זה בזה; אמר להם, מה לדבר קשה בעיניכם:  שלא אמרו חכמים בדבר להחמיר, אלא להקל–שנאמר “ואישה כי תהיה זבה, דם יהיה זובה בבשרה” (ויקרא טו,יט), ולא כתם.

  1. Read the page on on the leniencies of staining and create a Venn Diagram summarizing these built-in leniencies. Each circle of the diagram can represent one of the questions to consider when evaluating a stain and altogether the diagram will illustrate when a woman becomes niddah due to a stain she finds. You can share this as a document or as a screenshot. This will be a great teaching tool for our courses!
  2. Using’s drop-down menu “Life Cycle”, consider the challenges and opportunities moving through the taharat hamishpacha cycle may present to your kallah and her chatan over the years of their marriage. Please create a chart detailing some statements you may make in kallah classes to prepare a woman for the journey ahead. Please also include a column of potential resources (books, people, websites) to show a woman who shows interest in a particular part of the Life Cycle. While giving this out to a kallah may be premature, having it up our sleeves and sharing here and there in the time we have together can help us plant the seeds of healthy expectations and confidence in the bride and her marriage’s ability to thrive in the years to come. Sharing with each other will educate, inform and sensitize us all!