Prep Nine

Required Reading Progress:

Next class, #9!, we will be covering Conduct While Niddah, also known as הרחקות, the laws of physical distancing. In some ways, these are “the laws of niddah” that we’ve been talking about all this time. These present difficulties for some couples. We’ll explore together both the details of the law, and their spirit, which is intricately connected with how to frame them. In a sense we’re exploring relationships, sexuality and the framework of Taharat HaMishpacha again through the lens of these laws.

In preparation for the class, please take a look at this very quick read, Et Lirchok, specifically chapters 1 & 2, pages 3-11 and this poem.

You can respond to the readings broadly or answer one/some of the following questions:

  • Do you relate to the reading? Why or why not?
  • What is something you take away from this that you’d want to convey to a kallah/couple?
  • Would you show this to a kallah/couple?

*These are sensitive topics, yes, even for us, the teachers…as always if you’re only comfortable responding privately to Shoshana by email, please do so.