Prep 2

Required Reading Progress:

In Session 2 we will discuss the Unique Jewish View on Marital Intimacy. In preparation, please read the following essential article by Rav Aharon Lichtenstein entitled On Marriage: Of Relationships and Relations. It was published in Tradition 39.2 (Summer 2005) and later by the Orthodox Forum in Gender Relationships in Marriage and Out and is available thanks to that project, here.

This article is lengthy; while you are welcome to read the article in its entirety, please be sure to read from the end of page 2 through the very top of page 8 and from page 24 the paragraph that begins, “To the extent that we do succeed in harmonizing…” through the end of the article on page 30.

Please post on our blog your responses to the following questions:

Which point or points are surprising or interesting for you?
Which pieces would you want to discuss further with your mentor?
Which line and/or paragraph would you call to the attention of your kallot in kallah classes?